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A voluntary organisation that provides free spatial services related to Bangladesh

About Us

Geospatial Bangladesh is a voluntary organisation founded by a small group of spatial industry professionals from Bangladesh. The aim of the organisation is to present facts and findings of Bangladesh through spatial science and technology. The products and services provided by the organisation are completely free. Geospatial Bangladesh has released a basic mapping tool bMapViewer which will be followed by bMapViewer Cities & Towns in coming days.

Our Products

bMap Viewer


A mapping tool consisting set of spatial layers of Bangladesh such as the liberation war, administrative boundary, demography, literacy, infrastructure, socio-economic parameters, climate, natural disaster which can be overlayed on a number of base layers. It includes all standard mapping tools for drawing, navigation, measuring and feature information. User can also query and print maps into pdf format of selected scale and paper size.

bMap Viewer

Cities & Towns

Similar to bMap Viewer Bangladesh but is focused on of cities (metropolitan city corporations) and towns (Paurashava) specific data. Detail geographic and attribute information of cities and towns are presented in this application, with the capability of selecting any layer from bMap Viewer Bangladesh. Geospatial Bangladesh is aiming to publish maps of all cities and towns of Bangladesh in phases; however, currently it comprises a few.

Latest News

Update as of March 2021 

Geospatial Bangladesh is currently focusing on seamless presentation of geographic information through its applications as detail as possible. As a part of this effort, the mapping platform has been changed. All map layers will be reconfigured in a more responsive and modern platform.

The application bMapViewer is presenting geographic information on Bangladesh.

A new application bMapViewer Cities and Towns has been introduced. The application is under development and will be released very soon.

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